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Patong Beach

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We arivved via ferry from Phi Phi which left at 9.30am and cost 500THB. We didn't really know where in Phuket we was going to head to, but from speaking to people the two options were Patong or Phuket town. In the end we got our bags off the ferry and went with the easy option as there were minivans waiting to leave for 150THB each to Patong. We arrived in Patong around midday and got droped off at the beach to start the search for our new hotel. This search lasted two hotels and 50 meters before Gem carrying the rucksack came to a head. The result was Gem agreeing a tuk-tuk to drive us to hotels untill we find one we liked (i was not impressed). Two hotels later we agreed a rate with a guesthouse called the Thai Charm which was close to the beach, the nightlife and was really nice inside, the cost was 1000THB per night.

Patong was a very intense place with a big long beach that had more sunloungers than any other beach I have seen. The place itself reminded me of a Thai Benidorm with it's endless bars & shops. At night Patong came alive with music, lights & people everywhere. One of the things that stuck out in the day and was very obvious at night were the amount of western men who visit Patong and befriend what appeared to be an endless amount of Thai women within the bars and streets, it was very weird walking past a bar around midday and seeing a dozen or so Thai ladies surrounding western men in a more than friendly way.

On one of our walks I dragged Gem along to a kind of weird obsession I have which is to visit as many Hard Rock Cafe's along my travels as I can (whoop whoop Patong). Unfortunately we couldn't afford the food so just had the 50THB beer that was on offer.

We didn't really do a lot other than go for long walks in our 3 days here as it wasn't really our type of place, but we really did enjoy the comfort of the hotel, McDonald's 15THB ice cream cones and a healthy subway. After seeing the previous places we have been with quieter and nicer beaches we initially found it hard to understand why it appears to be so popoular but our conclusion was it wasn't for the location but more for what's on offer!

If we could sum up our visit Phuket in five or so words/statements:
1) lots of traffic
2) lots of tourists (mainly western men)
3) very big in area
4) really liked our hotel
5) 100% would not want to go back (unless I need a New wife in the future)

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Phi Phi Island

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Our transport arrived kind of on time to take us from the hotel to the ferry port. The journey time from Krabi to Phi Phi island was around 2 hours and cost 700THB.

We arrived at the pier on a really hot and sunny day and was met by our hotel staff who came to complete our transfer. He took our rucksacks and put them in a purpose made wheel barrow along with another two. I asked what now seems a really stupid question 'where is the taxi to take us to the hotel' (Phi Phi didn't have taxi's as there were no roads it was old school cobble streets) walking it is then. We finally got to the hotel after a 10-15 min walk and after the shock of seeing inside our bamboo hut the Krabi hotel seemed like the Hilton. From the outside it looked great but inside you had a full insect farm, a double mattress sitting on a concrete base, a fan and the worst bathroom I have ever seen with no hot water and the shower sitting pretty much on the toilet. To make matters worse it cost 1400THB per night (the hotel name was Bamboo Mountain and we would strongly advise against staying there).

We both struggled to be positive after the hotel shock but we dumped our rucksacks and left to explore the island and get some lunch. Phi Phi was a real mix of being really stunning and really not good depending on where you was on the island. The pier was on one side and the beach was on the other and it took about 5min to walk from one to the other. There was a real party atmosphere with bars everywhere which was cool for evenings and the food was really good throughout (i would recommend a place called Paddy's which was really good) its tucked away in the cobble streets.

We booked a boat trip to Maya Bay where the film 'The Beach' was made, the trip also stopped off at monkey island (two of the monkeys decided to get up to some monkey loving which was funny). The trip cost 250THB each and it was 100% worth it. I've read Maya Bay has been voted the 7th best beach in the world and when your on it, you realise why. It's simply amazing from the crystal clear water to the soft white sand to the limestone mountains that surround it and make it a private bay. Behind the Beach is a small jungle that you can explore which we really enjoyed too.

If we could sum up our visit Phi Phi island in five or so words/statements:
1) no traffic (apart from push bikes)
2) small cobble streets
3) good food
4) party atmosphere
5) 100% want to go back to Maya Bay to camp for the night

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